Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Suddenly Bastardisation became Famous

How close we are with US. I think we are quite close, if not really really close.. huh!. Before this we heard our Gavenor Dr Zeti said about "NOOORMALISATION" and Chairman of the United States Federal Reserve, Ben Shalom Bernanke also mentioned that word few times.. "Nuurrrmalizationn".

Now Datuk Seri Nazir Razak, mentioned about BASSSTARDDISATION. That came on Aug 17 when he said the NEP was bastardised, it meant exactly that. Instead of giving birth to legitimate offspring, it has given rise to bastards.

ANDDDD guesss what!!!!! US President Barrack Obama also used that word la bro... today the Obama Administration will host a conference on the future of housing finance - Home Ownership: A Bastardization of the American Dream‎. Is it a coincidence???

So after this, don't shy to use the word lor. When u meet friends just said it, "Hi bastard, how r u, long time no see, where hv u been?" or "Bro, hv u been bastardize today?".

Or u can tell tourists - "Dude! Our country is very unique. When all the countries in the world busy thinking about GLOBALISATION, we busy with BASTARDISATION."

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