Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bung Moktar & Ibrahim Stupidity - BNM Affin Issue

They gave Bumiputera a bad name bringing up the non issue of BNM rejected Affin proposal to take over EON Capital. Whart wrong with u guys? Do the background check la. I'm Bumi also, don't has any problem with BNM approaches.

Bank Negara Malaysia is reponsible for the stability and soundness of the financial system as a whole. Individual financial institutions are expected to operate with strong financial conditions, management capabilities and corporate governance.

This objective is paramount in the Central Bank's conduct of its regulatory and supervisory functions.

It was understood, In the context of Affin-Eon Capital, any merged entity is expected to have the necessary financial and operational capabilities to meet the more challenging and competitive financial landscape. Furthermore, the merged entity should also lead to a more strengthened and resilient entity, having the necessary resources, talents and solid focus as well as business directions.

It was understood also, Bank Negara Malaysia has communicated to Affin Holdings Berhad explaining,among others in the following manner ...Affin Holdings dan pemegang-pemegang sahamnya perlu akui yang cadangan pengambilalihan di atas akan menambahkan beban kewangan masing-masin dan ini akan mengehadkan keupayaan untuk menyuntik modal yang diperlukan oleh entiti gabungan di masa hadapan bagi menghadapi persekitaran operasi yang lebih kompetitif dan standard pengawalan modal antarabangsa yang lebih mencabar.

The various perceptions that the Central Bank has not provided the basis for its decision is therefore not correct. In this matter, Affin Holdings Berhad could have been transparent..

Bung go play with ur wife la & Brahim just concentrate on NEM la. Jgn kacau2 stock market and banking.

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