Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Head & Shoulder??

Hopeless & Helpless
Composite Weekly Chart


NMMM.NU said...

At least say what this index is :)

Virtual said...

Any good news and tips on Bursa Malaysia stocks? Sadly now the KLCI is very down. Oil price going south. Copper, oil palm, rubber and other commodities also going down. Construction and the heavy weight blue chips are bearish and in dire straits. The only cheap things are the warrants. Personally at this moment in time, I'm going for the warrant JOTECH-WA as I read that the management of Jotech Sdn Bhd is going to announce their new and bigger production factories in Vietnam and China. They are in the business of metal fabrication which is always in demand. I believe metal fabrication, stamping and precision manufacturing business are in for the long haul. Anybody have further information on this and their announcement? Please share with me.