Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Mail From William @ Fora.TV

Hello Tauke,

You have a great site and wonderful blog. It is
refreshing to know that you are passionate regarding
the topics you discuss.

Here at we are passionate about bringing the
best political, social and cultural content from the
world's leading forums.

I wanted to share today's video, "The Asian Financial
Crisis: Ten Years On".

A decade after the Asian Financial Crisis, the region
seems to have largely recovered and economic growth is
as strong as ever. But what lessons have been learned
from the past and is the region prepared for another
financial shock? Have reforms instituted after the
crisis been far reaching enough and what changes still
need to be made? How can Asian countries lessen their
dependence on export led growth and their
vulnerability to slowdowns in other regions?

Hope you enjoy it and share it with your readers. We
can't wait for you to come check out our new site and
discuss your thoughts on this program in our forums.

Keep up the great work!


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