Saturday, June 09, 2007


CHAP AYAM GROUP members would like to congratulate and extend our best wishes to Pak Lah and Jeanne Abdullah on the happy occasion today.

May God bless PAK LAH and his newly extended family. We congratulate you on your decision to take your next step in life. Actually, uou’re one lucky guy, Pak Lah! We are jealous! Hopefully as a happier person now, you will make more meaningful contributions to the nation.. and also our warmest felicitations to you and Ms Jeanne Abdullah on the marriage. We are sure that your new life partner will now play an important role in providing inspiration and strength for you to achieve your dreams and goals for the nation.

It's about time our nation's top leader has a woman by his side again to give him strength, courage and inspiration. History has shown that a single woman can launch a thousand ships. Perhaps, with the new First Lady we will be able to witness a similar launch as well as the execution of thousand of policies to benefit the nation.

Last but not least:
The Prime Minister gets married,
Ah, the punters are now less worried,
Love and happiness are now embodied,
A joyous union, yes! a higher KLCI now fancied!


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