Friday, April 13, 2007

The New Science of Technical Analysis

"Good book if you have mastered the basics, if not then good luck my friend cause there is no methods that can really stand alone in this book. But this book will really help you if you have a good method but just want to improve it." - TS

Book Description

DeMark has been a most-valued advisor to such financial barons as Leon Cooperman and Laurence Tisch. He and his models have shaped the investment strategies at some of the largest and most successful trading operations in the world, including Tudor Group, Odyssey Partners, and Warburg, Pincus. His word is gold among decision-makers at such investment giants as Goldman Sachs, Citibank, Discount Corp., and Criterion Fund. Now, at last, Thomas DeMark has decided to go public and share with traders and investors everywhere the proven forecasting techniques that have made him one of the most potent behind-the-scenes forces in the world.

In this, his long-awaited first book, technical analysis guru Thomas R. DeMark describes the sophisticated market timing models, which he developed over the course of nearly a quarter century, devoted to the study of market trends and forecasting techniques. Rigorously scientific, rather than 'artistic' or intuitive, the empirically based approach used by DeMark eliminates reliance on gut-feelings and guesswork and serves as the rational foundation for dynamic systems that mechanically generate buy and sell signals. Proven to work with every type of market and all forms of data, these systems, along with a number of new and highly effective indicators which he introduces for the first time in this book, will dramatically improve your trading capability and versatility.

The New Science of Technical Analysis is sure to be ranked among the rare handful of books that irrevocably transform the way business is done around the world.

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