Sunday, March 18, 2007

Jeff Cooper 's 5-day Momentum Method

Jeff Cooper 5-day Momentum Method is what I believe to be one of the best 3 -7 day trading methods available. This method, specifically identifies short-term pullbacks in strongly trending stocks and pinpoints where and when to enter to participate when the trend resumes.

THIS METHOD IS NOT THE ULTIMATE SOLUTION! It is, though, a very correct way to trade and it has proven itself over the years. More importantly, it applies to downtrending stocks as well as uptrending stocks which will allow you to profit no matter what type of market we are in.

Click To Download: Jeff Cooper Seminar/Course Paper



Anonymous said...

The Adobe file is in error and cannot be downloaded. TQ

aku said...

tauke.. dalam ebook tu, dia cakap beli stock yang mahal sket.. dalam $50/share.. ntuk suasana malaysia ni, berapa harga yang sesuai?

Anonymous said...

Do you need help writing the formula to find these stocks?

Let me know, I can help!