Thursday, September 14, 2006

Wednesday Sept 13, 2006

For 13 Sept. KL Composite Index managed to close marginally higher at 954.3 points, thanks to a last-minute spurt of buying support. There was continued profit taking on plantations stocks on the back of weaker crude palm oil prices, in line with the sharp drop in crude oil prices. Crude futures traded below US$64 (RM235.02) per barrel, well off its recent high of US$78.40, after Paris-based International Energy Agency lowered its expectations of global oil demand growth, citing economic weakness in Europe and parts of Asia.

Terdapat minat baru terhadap kaunter-kaunter spekulatif berisiko tinggi. Iris Corp was the most actively traded stock, accounting for more than 23% of total market volume. The share closed unchanged at 25 sen, but is up substantially from the low of 15 sen just two days ago.

Juga terdapat minat baru terhadap kaunter-kaunter pembinaan seperti Kumpulan UEM, Muhibah dan lain-lain. Tak banyak dapat diperkatakan hari ini. Tauke masih maintain pegangan dalam LMCEMNT & BERNAS.

Among important announcement & news for 13 Sept:
- Chad Official:No Crude For Petronas If Tax Not Paid
- Utama Director Sulaiman Taib Resigns
- Rubber Prices Falling
- Construction stocks up on positive outlook
- Salcon gets RM20m contract to continue with Sandakan NRW project
- Khazanah raises Pos M’sia stake to 30.4%
- MTD secures RM1.4b ECE2 contract
- Iris, Mobif Retreat; May Give Up More Gains
- Malaysia Cash Palm Oil Down; Buyers Cautious
Trading play. Buy between 0.10-0.105 and lari kuat2 0.11-0.11.5 (Tapi kena bersedia untuk pick-up - contra susah sikit)
For 13/9/2006 the closing price was 0.1100.
Overall, the bias in prices is: Upwards.
The projected upper bound is: 0.13.
The projected lower bound is: 0.09.
Stop Loss: 0.095

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